Strapd supports the principles of free speech. We also recognize the importance of respecting the rights of others. Our goal is to create an inviting environment for you, which also means a place where we don't tolerate behavior that is harmful to others. Our community rules are pretty basic and are designed to make Strapd a place to meet new people and participate in vibrant discussions.
You are entirely responsible and liable for all communications with other Members of Strapd, both on and off the Strapd site. Here is a list of rules, which if violated, may result in you being suspended, permanently banned from the Strapd community or in certain cases, reported to the proper authorities.

Absolutely no nudity

• Both male and female users under the age of 18 must be fully clothed on camera at all times. Any user under the age of 18 without a shirt will be subject to suspension.
• Thongs are not allowed. All users must have pants/shorts on camera.
• Sex toys, on screen, are not allowed
• Users cannot expose themselves (no skin) when discussing sexual content.
• Users cannot perform sexually suggestive acts.

No harassing / slandering other users

Please treat other community members with respect. Taunting and direct cursing towards other members is not allowed. Respect Strapd staff members, ambassadors, moderators and the service itself.

No Grooming

Any behavior intended to lure or manipulate another member into producing sexual images of themselves, or provide personal information, is forbidden.

No Solicitation

Any solicitation of a member to perform a sexual act or engage in a sexual or an illegal act is forbidden.